Recording for PC is here

Proudly announcing AirServer for PC 2.0

Desktop Mirroring

Introducing super crisp Quad HD Desktop mirroring

Common Usage Scenarios


There are times when you need to show content to your class to engage your audience, using an iPad.

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Combine your Mac/PC + iPhone/iPad into the ultimate gaming console. Simply install AirServer on your computer and beam over your favourite iOS games.

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Home Entertainment

AirServer is compatible with a wide variety of AirPlay enabled third party applications, such as YouTube, Vevo, and Air Media Center.

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Direction and focus are both crucial in business presentations. When using a laptop connected to a big screen is that you need to be within arms reach of the keyboard to page through your presentation.

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Get your App Store Developer bundles ready for iOS 8 with added audio commentary for your video previews. AirServer provides higher quality crisper videos than new USB method and has voiceover capability.

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Now with Quad HD Desktop mirroring and Recording for both Mac and PC, AirServer is an essential development tool.

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